Christmas at school!!!!!!

I love Christmas at school. We do plenty of fun activities, play games, come in pajamas….

Some of my favorite activities is that my teacher makes a advent calendar whit a bunch of cool activities like todays activities is doing snow flakes and decorating they class whit Christmas decorations it was super cool! Here are some other activity is that my teacher organized. She brings hot chocolate for they class, tell us that we are aloud to come in pajamas, look at a Christmas movie, do a holiday crafts…..

A other activity is that in English class we are doing Christmas posts it is so cool. We get to talk about the history of Christmas trees that my friend Sabrina is doing , Christmas activities that I think my friend Olivia is doing, Continue reading

Favorite book

648Hi today I will talk about a book that I am currently reading and it is clad “Jessie Eliot A Peur De son ombre”. This book is very fun because Jessie is a girl that is scared to go to college because she won’t blend in whith the other people in her now school. Personally this is my favorite book of all times. If you want to buy this book you can buy it at Archambault at St-Bruno. That is where I bought my book.