Shout out post

untitledCass Online….. Such a good blog to go read  when you have extra time. Here blog is so colorful and you know that I like colorful tings so here blog tock my attention. Here theme is really cool also.

She haves a very unique because I never saw some body have a theme like that and after that I saw that theme I put it on my blog as fast as possible and after all my friends started to change there blog theme to here’s and now we think that or blog is as pretty as ever. Continue reading

Starbucks!!! Starbucks!!!

26397ab3a4df99bc2ab33fea7669db0fI love Starbucks! This week end I went to Starbucks and I took a hot chocolate and it was super good if you have the chance to go to Starbucks don’t miss your chance because you’re going to miss a life time drink. I you ask me if I want to go to Starbucks I am going to scream yes and hurry the fasts that I can to make a blog post about my day at Starbucks


One day a little boy…..

Autumn cycling, Rob Gonsalves

One day a boy came back from school. It was one of those ordinary day. It was fresh out and it smelled like roses. The little boy was rushing to arrive home but the thing that he didn’t know is that it wasn’t a real ordinary day. He kept pedaling and pedaling until a couple of 100 miters far he saw a crack that was starting on the middle of the street. He was so scared that he froze the mouth open. Then the crack started to go farther and farther and after there was a big crack that was all ruff on the sides and soddenly there was smoke. Suddenly he tasted a taste of fire. Continue reading