Starbucks!!! Starbucks!!!

26397ab3a4df99bc2ab33fea7669db0fI love Starbucks! This week end I went to Starbucks and I took a hot chocolate and it was super good if you have the chance to go to Starbucks don’t miss your chance because you’re going to miss a life time drink. I you ask me if I want to go to Starbucks I am going to scream yes and hurry the fasts that I can to make a blog post about my day at Starbucks


19 thoughts on “Starbucks!!! Starbucks!!!

    • My favorite drink is the hot chocolate with extra wipe cream the winter in summer I really like the lemonade I take the kind that I want when I’m there.
      Thanks I will put you in my blog roll when I have time so I could go to your blog more πŸ™‚ smiley face!!

    • Wow Kelly you really have taste for your dinks and you know that there is cafΓ© in that. I think that the tea would be better for you could even ask them to put sugar and milk in it because I know that sugar and milk in your tea is your favorite:)

    • Hi Allegra2016mds,
      My favorite kind of drink is a hot chocolate it pretty good like you said πŸ™‚ I really like chocolate and candy and my favorite meal is pizza. we are pretty the same when it comes to Starbucks drink do you think. πŸ˜‰

  1. I love Starbucks too. There are plenty of things to pick from. My favorite thing is ice cold water. Me and my mom love water.

    See ya later.

    • Wow you have a lot of taste πŸ˜‰
      I really like water to. at school I always make shore to bring a water bottle with ice at school.

  2. I love Starbucks too!
    I love their coffee, it is delicious and they have different flavors and teas. I have four cats, although they act like dogs.
    Sean Vander hok

  3. Hi Ocean,
    My name is Sydni. And I only been their twice and I got hot chocolate and the second time a got a strawberry-banana smoothie. What is your favorite drink there. And when I go there again what should I get at Starbucks. How many times have you been there? Come visit my blog at


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