One day a little boy…..

Autumn cycling, Rob Gonsalves

One day a boy came back from school. It was one of those ordinary day. It was fresh out and it smelled like roses. The little boy was rushing to arrive home but the thing that he didn’t know is that it wasn’t a real ordinary day. He kept pedaling and pedaling until a couple of 100 miters far he saw a crack that was starting on the middle of the street. He was so scared that he froze the mouth open. Then the crack started to go farther and farther and after there was a big crack that was all ruff on the sides and soddenly there was smoke. Suddenly he tasted a taste of fire.

He told himself that if that was his house that was on hire. After that the smoke diapered he saw that it wasn’t his house that was on fire so he told himself that it was that smoke. A wile later he thought himself how I will even pas over the big crack. He had a great idea to build a bridge to pass over. 30 min later he made a bridge. He put it across the crack but the only thing that was scary was that he didn’t know if the bridge was solid to cross over. But he still did it because he wanted to see his family so he did it. He made it across the crack he was so happy that he made it and that he could see his family again.

Autumn Cycling by Rob Gonsalves

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