Starbucks!!! Starbucks!!!

26397ab3a4df99bc2ab33fea7669db0fI love Starbucks! This week end I went to Starbucks and I took a hot chocolate and it was super good if you have the chance to go to Starbucks don’t miss your chance because you’re going to miss a life time drink. I you ask me if I want to go to Starbucks I am going to scream yes and hurry the fasts that I can to make a blog post about my day at Starbucks


Never Ending Post | A Search Engine Game

Rules: 1. Start at Wikipedia Simple English with one key word (topic). Copy down a few facts. Choose a second key word. 2. Use the Google search engine to find a site with the second key word. Choose a third key word. Keep repeating! The Ideal Post: Skips around from topic to topic. Demonstrates different search strategies (e.g. Google images, Google news, maps) or certain types of sites (e.g. digital encyclopedias, dictionaries).


  • “Pineapple” means in Amerindian language means fragrance of perfumes.
  • Pineapple is a tropical plant and must be kept under 10 degrees.
  • Url: Pineapple: Wikipedia,



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Drum Roll Please!!!!!

Emojione_1F602_svgHayley Online won this challenge because I think that she really talks about interesting things in her blog. I chose her blog because she talks about dance and if you read my dance post you might know that I really love dancing and if you didn’t read my post about dance you should really go check it out. I will put the url at the end of my post. Continue reading

Pool party!!!!!!

This week end I’m going to plan a perfect pool party. I was planning to do some treats with my friends. You might think that I’m crazy to go in the pool in May!! But my pool is really hot because last week my dad started to heat the pool. I’m really exited because I am going to do it with 3 of my friends Annie, Kelly and Kate I will have there links down below. So ya that is pretty much it! Have a nice day!!!!!

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cute-807306_960_720Today I did robotics with some of my friends that you might know: Shawn, Kelly and Bobbie. I will put their url in the end of the post to go on their blog. back to the subject. We started to do a robot and the cool part is when you’re done you could do activities with it like doing an obstacle course…. It is very fun:).

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